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YXTY series motor(shaft height H80200 power 0.55KW200KW) is a high efficiency energy saving motor, which is elaborately designed on the basis of overall and installation dimensions of Y2 series asynchronous motor and upon the energy-saving demands of the users both at home and abroad. It is a new generation of the rare earths permanent magnet three-phase synchronous motor, which features super-high efficiency of saving energy. It is specially designed by our company, who has more than 20 years experiences in the design, development and production of rare earths permanent magnet three-phase synchronous electric machines on the basis of a good understanding of the requirement of NEMA motor and XE energy-saving motor(USA), European Class I Efficiency Standard and Chinese Energy Efficiency Standard(GB18613-2002). It is a very competitive product, which can break the technical barrier for export and can serve as a substitute for same kind of imported products. The electricity-saving rate of this product is 20%-25%.

This series motor adopts rare permanent magnet rotor structure featuring advanced tangential slot-wedged, with second air gap and compound magnetic isolation, and adopts the mode of eddy-current starting and synchronous running In addition. It adopts several strict design or technical measures, which effectively prevents the rare earths permanent magnet steel body from demagnetizing and irreversible loss of magnetism. The higher radial pay requirement for bearings that has been fully considered in design and the use of structural low alloy steel for main shaft, both contribute to the following features of this motor super-high efficiency, high power factor, larger locked-rotor torque, strong pull-in synchronization capability steady and reliable running low noise, rational structures, new and beautiful appearance and more temperature-rising margin etc. The energy-saving effectiveness is very notable.

As this series motor adopts internationally commonly-used degree of protection (IP54 or IP55) and adopts internationally well-known DURINGNIT-2000 insulation structure of SIEMENS, it has extremely high electric and mechanical strength. Therefore, it can be used in severe environment that requires moisture proof, mould proof and salt mist-proof etc. Fundamental ventilation mode of this series motor is IC411.

The performances and installation dimensions of this series motor accord with IEC Standard, D1N42673 Standard, GB755 Standard, and other relevant professional technical standards, also accord with our company’s Enterprise Standard Q/320217DCX01-2005 YXYT Series Rare Earths Permanent Magnet Excited Three-Phase Synchronous Motor. The manufactory has passed the certification of ISO9001 International Quality System. The entire process, i.e. ordering, R&D, manufacturing, inspection, sales and after-sales service, is controlled under the requirement of 1509001 Quality System.

The power supply for this series motor is 3-phase 50HZ (or 60HZ if required). Voltage rating is dual voltage, i.e. 380V/360V at 50HZ other voltage rating can also be designed upon user’s demand. Its working ambient temperature does not exceed 40. Its elevation does not exceed 1000m above sea level in case of special environment conditions. Users are kindly requested to state them when ordering. The operating duty of this series motor is of continues duty (S1).

YXYT Series motor can be used for driving various kinds of mechanical equipment, such as water pumps, fans, compressors, cranes, crushers, textile machinery and metallurgy machinery etc. In addition, it can also be used as prime mover, served in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical or mines.

The mounting mode, bearing, terminal box and mounting dimensions of this series motor are the same as those for Y2 Series 3-phase asynchronous motor. As prime mover, served in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical or mines, where the environment condition is severe.

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