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Company Profile
Industry and Trade Integration of Holding Group       Founded in 1991, Hanzel is specialized in the electric motor industry for over 25 years. Hanzel has 9 subsidiaries and 4 manufacturing plants all over the world with over 1000 employees. The motors are promoted in over 50 countries.

      Hanzel offer a wide range of electric motor from 0.09kw to 630kw. The main product is standard induction motor with efficiency of IE1, IE2 and IE3. Hanzel also specialized in designing special motor for specific industries such as explosion-proof motor, inverter duty motor, two speed motor, smoke extraction motor and screw air compressor motor. The motors are widely used in every industries including fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, and etc.

      Customer is our first concern, quality is our top honor. Hanzel continues to build distribution network world widely, which enables us to provide local stock and delivery, customized products and excellent customer services.
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